Considered as a rising star of belgian jazz, the pianist Marie Fikry is born in Liège to a Moroccan father and a Belgian mother, and showed an early interest for music and painting.

At 5 years old, she began the flute and piano. Her teacher advised her to join the jazz section and she began her education in piano and jazz harmony at the Marcel Desiron Academy in Amay at age 12, in parallel with her classical training.

At the age of 16, she received a merit scholarship, granted by her academy upon recommendation of the pedagogical team. The same year, she was selected for a rally organised by the Rotary club and received the public prize.

In 2012, after a successful entrance exam in painting at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Liège, it is finally in classical piano music studies that she chooses to devote herself for 4 years with famous concert-pianist Dalia Ouziel as teacher.

Besides her classical studies at the Conservatoire Royal de Mons, she continues to perfect herself in Jazz at the Eghezée Academy with the belgian pianist Nathalie Loriers.

After graduate her bachelor diploma in classical, she entered at the Koninklijk Conservatorium van Brussel in the class of Nathalie Loriers and Diederik Wissels.

Trained with such masters as Stephane Galland, Christophe Wallemme, Kris Defoort, Daniel Goyone… since late 2015, her pianistic work is mainly focused on the dialog between European jazz and extra-occidental music.

Passionate about composition and Oriental rhythms, she specialised for two years in modern harmony and South Indian rhythms with Arnould Massart.

In 2016, she founded her own quartet : “Oriental Jazz Project”. This band was the starting point of her interest by mixing many types of Oriental percussions and traditional rhythms, with the sound of a classical piano jazz trio(piano-doublebass-drums).
The concept was that oriental percussion occupies a key place as a soloist, while the piano, echoes like a oud instrument, which offer the Oriental touch to the project.

The double bass and the drums bring the characteristic sounds of jazz, discovering a dialogue North/South, built around complex narrations and very elaborate grooves...

For this particular project she collaborated with the oriental percussionist Simon Leleux (graduated from the Rotterdam Conservatory, Master of Music Codarts, in Turkish percussions), the dutch drummer Daniel Jonkers (EU young Award 2014), and the brazilian bassist Fil Caporali (Toots Thielemans Award 2016).

One year later, she was recognized as a “promising young talent to be followed” by the province of Liège and her project was selected in the final of the international competition "Jazz Contest Van Mechelen" which has in its jury Chris Joris, Jacques Prouvost, Anne Wolf among others...

In 2017, the price “ça balance" she received, offered to the band a studio recording for an album.

In 2017, the band has played sold out concerts at the International Mithra Jazz Festival in Liège and in many other venues (Musicvillage, Cercle des voyageurs, Samaritaine, Centre culturel de SaintGeorges, Bluesphere...).

In 2018, she signed her first album “Proche Orience" at the label “Homerecords”, album entirely made of her compositions between Jazz and traditional Arabic music, tribute to her Moroccan origins.


« A personal universe still unheard of that shamelessly flirts World Music and European Jazz one with the other (…) absolutely wonderful and interesting. »

Mark Mullem (nl)

« Ardour and frivolity, passion and emotion, everything we like in the Arabo-Andalusian music. »

Michel Preumont (fr)

« It’s happiness and intelligence floating in the air… »

Jazzques (fr)

At the moment, Marie continues her studies with Nathalie Loriers, and her rhythmic improvement and research with the belgian drummer Stéphane Galland. She’s learning arabic music from Elias Bachoura, a Syrian oudist graduated at the Conservatory of Damascus and currently resident in Belgium.

In the main time, she is performing in piano solo and with her oriental Jazz project.


Between traditional Arab-Andalusian music and modern Jazz, this group offers a repertoire of original compositions that creates a dialogue between Europe and North Africa.

A personal universe discovering an organic and sophisticated Jazz, resolutely modern, where  the Oriental percussion is central…


« Ardour and frivolity, passion and emotion, everything we like in the arabo-Andalusian music."
Michel Preumont (fr)

"A personal universe still unheard of that shamelessly flirts World Music and European Jazz one with the other (...) absolutely wonderful and interesting."
Mark Mullem (nl)

"It's happiness and intelligence floating in the air."
Jazzques (fr)



Née à Liège, d’un père marocain et d’une mère belge, Marie se passionne très tôt pour la musique et la peinture. Après des études de piano classique à Mons, c’est en jazz, auprès de Nathalie Loriers, qu’elle choisira de se perfectionner au Conservatoire Royal de Bruxelles.

Passionnée par la composition et le rythme, elle fonde son propre quartet qui enregistrera son premier album en avril 2017.


Entre musique traditionnelle arabo-andalouse et Jazz actuel, ce groupe propose un répertoire de compositions originales qui font dialoguer ensemble Orient et Occident.
Un univers personnel découvrant un jazz organique et racé, résolument moderne, où les envolées du piano répondent aux percussions orientales…

"Fougue et frivolité, passion et émotion, tout ce qu'on aime dans la musique arabo-andalouse."
Michel Preumont (fr)

"Un univers personnel encore jamais entendu, qui fait flirter sans vergogne musique du monde et jazz européen l'un avec l'autre (...) tout à fait merveilleux et intéressant. "
Mark Mullem (nl)

"C'est du bonheur et de l' intelligence qui flotte dans l'air. "
Jazzques (fr)